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Our Previous Partnership Work




We were a delivery partner on the Warwickshire Brighter Futures project which was funded by the UK Government through the Community Renewal Fund (CRF) during January to December 2022.  

This programme supported over 600, 16-30 year olds in Warwickshire to access  employability skills support delivered via workshops, 1:1 job coaching/careers advice, digital training and looking at accessible job opportunities. 

To attend the sessions individuals needed to be:

  • 16-30

  • Unemployed or economically inactive or

  • In full time education at risk of being NEET and

  • Be a Warwickshire resident or supported by a Warwickshire setting.

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“A great session for both Team Leaders and those aspiring to be. 


The interaction of sharing experiences with others was invaluable in gaining insight and solutions to any challenges when managing teams who are remote working.


If you would like to find out which skills and behaviours you can adopt to help lead your team, then this is the session to attend!”


Customer Training, Gas Industry Organisation

—  Name, Title

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