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For those people who work with, or support children and young adults - in schools, colleges, sports groups, parent groups and youth organisations, our Qualified Mental Health Instructor delivers:

  • The Half Day, One Day and Two Day Youth MHFA programmes in mental health education.

In addition, our team of Youth Mental Health First Aiders can deliver a bespoke Youth Mental Awareness Session for a group of school or college staff. This session develops knowledge of youth mental health and provides a practical framework of support. 


For children and young adults our Youth Mental Health First Aiders offer:

  • Group sessions to increase mental health awareness and increase understanding of how to look after wellbeing

  • One to one wellbeing coaching sessions  

Please call us on 0345 5480080 or email for more information.

"The Youth Mental Health Awareness session was very well detailed and structured.  The information was clear and I learnt a lot about what can affect everyone’s mental health and what can improve it." WRL Lead, Coventry City Council

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