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  • 4-7

  • 11-16

  • 16-18

  • 18-21

This workshop is available as a bespoke full or half-day delivered workshop.  

We plan to also make it available as a digital download in our shop.

Standards that apply

Gatsby Benchmark 4

Skills Builder 3

Workshop aims. 

  • Explore the concept of business quotations. 

  • Understand the diverse industry sectors that rely on quotations.  

  • Learn about Value Added Tax (VAT) and its calculation. 

  • Enhance the skills of teamwork, aiming high and listening. 

What’s in the workshop? 

‘Let’s Do Business Quotes’ offers students the opportunity to experience the world of business quotations. Students will identify the relevance of quotations across various job roles and industry sectors, whilst mastering the art of VAT calculations. Through collaborative efforts, students will work together to formulate quotations for a bathroom renovation project, and subsequently gain insight into the construction industry sector. 

What to expect?

During this workshop students can expect to: 

  • Gain knowledge about the nature of business quotations. 

  • Develop proficiency in understanding and calculating VAT. 

  • Explore industry sectors that rely on business quotations for their operations. 

  • Cultivate essential skills including teamwork, aiming high and listening. 

If you would like more detail, a price or booking info please call 0345 5480080 or email


workshop survey feedback

Careers Lead
Rugby Free School

This is such a great workshop bring back those CSD people Career Seekers Direct delivered a student-focused, interactive, engaging event which addressed specific areas of personal career development for our students 

Exhall Grange
Specialist School

I feel respected

Deputy Head
Coundon Court School

From the first contact with Career Seekers Direct we received a highly professional service. The team delivered engaging career and skills services for our Year 10 students

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