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  • 11-16

  • 16-18

  • 18-21

This workshop is available as a bespoke full or half-day delivered workshop.  

We plan to also make it available as a digital download in our shop.

Standards that apply

Gatsby Benchmark 4

Skills Builder 3


Workshop aims. 

  • Foster the key skills of staying positive and effective teamwork 

  • Consider the necessary items needed for a new home 

  • Understand additional cost beyond initial purchases 

  • Acquire budgeting and planning skills for grocery shopping

What’s in the workshop? 

‘Let’s Do Next Steps’ equips students with essential skills for independent living. Through a house share scenario students will consider what are essential household items, additional costs and associated responsibilities.

What to expect?

During this workshop students can expect to: 

  • Explore the requirements for setting up a new home 

  • Learn techniques for budgeting and planning grocery shopping 

  • Gain understanding of the various costs involved in independent living 

  • Enhance the key skills of teamwork and staying positive

If you would like more detail, a price or booking info please call 0345 5480080 or email



Careers Lead
Rugby Free School

Career Seekers Direct delivered a student-focused, interactive, engaging event which addressed specific areas of personal career development for our students

Exhall Grange
Specialist School

I feel respected

Deputy Head
Counton Court School

From the first contact with Career Seekers Direct 

we received a highly professional service. The team delivered engaging career and skills services for our Year 10 students.

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