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Our Partnership Work

We are proud to be a partner organisation with both Warwickshire County Council and Coventry City Council and bring our expertise, skills, innovative approach and passion to these Partnerships. 







As a Warwickshire County Council partner, we are currently supporting the Warwickshire Supported Employment Service. The service is being delivered across the county has been designed to support Warwickshire young people and adults with autism and learning disabilities with an aspiration to work.

To attend the sessions individuals will need to be:

  • 16-30

  • Unemployed or economically inactive or

  • In full time education at risk of being NEET and

  • A Warwickshire resident or supported by a Warwickshire setting.

For more information and to sign up for the service go here on the Skills hub web site. 

Coventry City Council 

We are a partner organisation for the Coventry Alternative Programme (CAP) managed by Coventry City Council. The service works as part of the Education Entitlement team offering support through inspiring and innovative solutions that support the inclusion of all children into our education system.  The aim is  for every child to benefit from the highest quality of education. Our offering of services can be found in the CAP Directory.

Here are details of Partnership Programmes we have supported in the past.

Warwickshire Supported Employment Service


“A great session for both Team Leaders and those aspiring to be. 


The interaction of sharing experiences with others was invaluable in gaining insight and solutions to any challenges when managing teams who are remote working.


If you would like to find out which skills and behaviours you can adopt to help lead your team, then this is the session to attend!”


Customer Training, Gas Industry Organisation

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